Turn your dreams of a horse arena into reality

Picture the horse arena of your dreams… a safe and secure arena for you, and your riders…everything is perfect.

A beautiful indoor or outdoor arena, you would be able to enjoy for a lifetime of use. Where daily exercise keeps your horses fit… a place of passion…caring for your horses.

But ensuring you have considered and worked out the best plan for a riding arena can be overwhelming. Everything from dimensions…the grounds of the arena…the perfect surface cushioning…drainage…and maintenance are just a few of your challenges.

The key to a dream arena is creating and maintaining a safe area

If you are concerned about your horses and children’s safety, than you also care about creating and maintaining a safe arena. Which is why Barkman Arenas is focused on features and products that put safety first.

A well maintained horse arena gives you peace of mind

Inadequate arena drainage, exposure of the arena base, footing compaction from horses hoofs and tractor tires will create stress on your horses limbs, increase shoe wear, and cause possible safety issues. On-going maintenance of your horse arena and horse walker provides you the peace of mind that your arena is safe for your riders and your horses.

Barkman Arenas expertise is in the construction, restoration and maintenance of premier indoor or outdoor horse arenas. We will treat your property as if it were our own.

We Can Help...

Building pad preparation – Demolition -Driveway installation – Earth moving – Erosion controls – Foundation and footing excavating – Grading – Landscaping – Pond construction and cleaning – Public sewer and water installation – Retaining walls
Septic systems – Site clearing & stumping – Storm water management – Trenching for utilities

Our Guarantee

Barkman Arenas stands behind our products and our workmanship. We consult with you in planning and scheduling a projects to ensure all work is performed in a timely and professional manner.


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