5 Critical Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Horse Arena Company

1. Ask for references and follow up.


Call their references and look at their work.  Barkman Arenas reputation and service is second to none.   We will provide you with reputable references and facilities you can visit.


2. Ask about local codes and ordinances.


NJ in particularly has many restrictions on construction.  You do not want to invest time and money in an arena only to find out there is a problem with the location.

3. What is the proper drainage system for my arena?


What is the best and most cost effective way to drain your arena depends on the characteristics of your site.  Barkman Arenas will help you determine what the best and most cost effective approach is.

4. What should I use for footing material?


The primary concern in selecting the proper footing material is safety and cost.  There are numerous options for footing materials and proper depth.  Barkman Arenas will discuss the discipline of riding you intended to use for the arena and provide you with the options available and costs.


5. Why should I hire Barkman Arenas?


At Barkman Arenas we provide full service from start to finish.  Our goal is to provide an arena that you can safely enjoy for a lifetime. Our reputation is built on the quality of service and support we provide to each and every customer.  Barkman Arenas will work with you from the planning stage to a completed project.


Contact us today to get more information on how to avoid excavating and construction problems. Toby Barkman Excavating’s expertise is in excavating and construction services.  We will treat your property as if it were our own.

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