8 Reasons Our Clients……Horse Enthusiasts….. Have Given for Working with Barkman Arenas


1. We chose Barkman Arenas because we wanted a well-established firm, who had years of experience in building rings. It’s a specialized area, and we wanted a firm with a track record, who was willing to share references from satisfied customers.


2. When we decided to undertake the building of our three outdoor arenas we approached it as a strategic long-term investment in our farm. Not only a major financial investment, but more importantly, as an investment in the safety and longevity of our riders and our horses. We quickly learned from working with Barkman Arenas, that building arenas was not simply an excavation or construction project, but involved major considerations about irrigation, drainage, landscaping, footing materials, and most importantly about durability and maintenance.


3. A high-quality result at the promised estimate and always neat and orderly, even during the project, creative and practical. Perhaps in the very beginning we weren’t completely sure we knew what to expect, we now have a very high expectation, and we are never disappointed.


4. We think you approach every project we have ever done with you with enthusiasm, a commitment to quality, a sense of accountability to do it completely and cost-effectively, and to make sure that any issues that may arise during the course of the project are dealt with in a timely, practical and cost-sensitive way.


5. We were extremely satisfied with the results overall, and especially key leadership role that you played in ensuring that everything came together as expected, and afterwards, to stand ready to take care of various small but critical finishing touches to ensure the project was 100% complete when everybody was finished with their own individual tasks.


6. We are always very satisfied with the work we have engaged with you, which over the years has now been over a dozen projects. We often think of the role you might play on each of our projects around the farm, because we know your work will always be high quality and for a fair and reasonable price.


7. Not only did you step up to do your part in the project, but you also stepped up to assume the over project integration role. This isn’t even a role we knew we needed in advance, but ultimately became a critical role in the success of the project. This is a role you understood and made a natural part of the way you worked.


8. We think that it is important that you are a family business, with an active father and son team, who operate and live locally in the area. You exude this family style and pride in your steadfast commitment to successful projects and to establishing long-term relationships and friendships with satisfied customers.

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