Horse Arena Services


There maybe one or more reasons as to why your arena is failing. Everything from Inadequate Arena Drainage… Inappropriate Arena Construction Materials… Poor Arena Construction Work….


Sometimes restoration may require a full reconstruction. Maybe you just want to freshen up your existing arena with a new surface or perhaps, just some attention to certain aspects of the arena or surrounds.


At Barkman Arenas we will restore your failing horse arena, whether it’s due to inadequate arena drainage, or poor arena construction work, or inappropriate arena construction materials. We pride ourselves on our years of experience in the design and implementation of horse arena restoration.


Horse Arena Services

For All Your Horse Arenas Needs:


  • Outdoor Horse Arenas
  • Indoor Horse Arenas
  • Dressage Arenas
  • Show Jumping Arenas
  • Round Pens
  • Water Jumps
  • Horse Walkers
  • Walker Flooring
  • Stable Mats
  • Horse Drinkers
  • Horse Arena Resurfacing
  • Horse Arena Maintenance
  • Stable Excavations
  • Horse Arena Drainage Solutions
  • Stable Concreting

Contact us today to get more information on how to avoid horse arena construction problems. Barkman Arenas expertise is in the construction, restoration and maintenance of premier indoor or outdoor horse arenas.  We will treat your property as if it were our own.

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